Thursday, March 26, 2009

First Peek at our April Exhibition

We have a special program at Bluebottle for customers to get a sneak peek of all our exhibitions. The big bonus is that customers also get the opportunity to purchase pieces from the upcoming shows before the work even hits the walls! This is a great opportunity if you really like an artists work and want to make sure you get first dibs.

For blog readers I thought I'd let you in on the preview as well. The preview show is always sent out first to our "Preview Mailing List Group" so if in the future you'd like to be sure you get first peek sign up! The sign up box is located to the left.

Here are two pieces from the show!

Justin Hillgrove
Every Little Bit Helps
Size: 9" x 12"
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Price: $550.00
Buy Here

Mike Lewis
Let me Give you a Hand
Size: 8.5" x 11"
Medium: acrylic on wood panel
Price: $175.00
Buy Here


Anonymous said...

I love Justin's work, and this one doesn't disappoint!

Cakespy said...

Awesome! This is going to be a great show.