Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Here is a great resource that I will be following regularily
Design Sponge Biz Ladies will be writing every Tuesday about how to run your own small business. The focus is women owned businesses but I think it will be pretty applicable to everyone.

Grace will be inviting experts, artists, designers, shop owners and professionals to talk about not just surviving- but thriving- in the world of small business.

Grace has an amazing sense of style and her advise is amazing. It's important to keep going and get support and encouragment anywhere you can!!


Kelly Shon said...

thank you for great info!!!

LethaColleen said...

I was lucky enough to attend the Seattle in person Biz Ladies event last year and it was really great... So glad it's continuing on-line, the resources and experiences shared are invaluable!

Schmancy said...

look how pretty your blog is :)