Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vancouver - yippee!

My husband and I are celebrating out 10 year anniversary on the 18th - crazy! I remember all the way up to the 5th anniversary and then 5 - 9 are just kind of gone - maybe opening the gallery has done that!

We are going to go up to Vancouver and spending 2 days. The timing worked out great as Matthew loves Radiohead and they are playing up there on the 19th. One place I am really excited to visit again is the Regional Assembly of Text

They have a lot of letterpress stationary, goodies and have fun stuff like button of the month club. They also have a letter writing club that I have to research to see if we have one in Seattle as I have always loved pen pals.

Each time we go to Vancouver we discover something new - this time we are going to the market on Granville Island which is a big tourist spot but we have never gone. So much fun!


Melissa said...

Love your blog! Can I ask where you stay when in Vancouver? I'm going up in October for the first time and am looking for hotel recommendations.

Can't wait and this shop is a must-see, thanks!

sebastian said...

I make toys on granville island you can check them out at

Andrea Porter said...

Melissa - we stayed on granville street - the ramanda. Ok but parking sucked. Granville street in the 1200 block can be kind of rough - basically the prices do reflect nicer areas.