Friday, August 22, 2008

See the arts section at Bumbershoot Free

I enjoy going to Bumbershoot but there are not many bands I am dying to see this year but I love seeing the arts section but I'm not really into spending $30 bucks or whatever it may be to see a few art exhibitions. So if anyone out there is like me and wants to see the arts exhibitions and skip the crowds you can go on Friday, August 31st. The exhibitions are free and open to the public from noon - 6 pm.

The show I am most excited to see is the Seattle - Tehran Poster exhibition. Above are a few pieces from the show. This bit is from their preformance bio: "A selection of 25 posters from each city sharing cultural themes such as music, film, theatre and contemporary art, The Seattle-Tehran Poster Show will showcase some of Iran's top graphic artists none of whom have exhibited in the U.S. before."

A little factoid: Bumbershoot is another name for an umbrella!

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