Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interview with Berry Holz

What is your name and where are you located?
Berry Holz. Minneapolis, Minnesota.

How does where you live influence you as an artist?

It's a beautiful, green city & I love the river.

Did you attend art school? How do you think that affects your art?

I was an art history major, then switched to design, but never finished college completely for anything. I think that not finishing affects me in sometimes in subject choice, although you might not always see inferiority complexes running rampant. Stylistically, I'm definitely guided by design principles - balance is my favorite.

How long does each piece take?

Some take weeks (months) to figure out, some only take hours. I hope & think they all come out looking easy & like they wouldn't have taken me long at all.

What is your dream project?

Right now I'm dreaming of a polyptych kind of thing with geese, bicycles, trains, etc weaving in & out of a landscape, influenced by a painting I did recently called 'iconic landscape with train cars & geese'.

What is on your playlist?

Thanks to the 'Where the Wild Things Are' trailer, Arcade Fire all the time. Locally Solid Gold, & my brother's old band Anchorhead. & perennially Steve Earle 'Train A Comin'.

What are you reading?

The Once & Future King for the millionth time. I just finished a 'teen read', Hunger Games, for a book club - it was good!

What are you looking forward to this fall?

Working on paintings for the Endangered show at Bluebottle in January - Really, really looking forward to that. & a trip to San Francisco, yay!It's not always about weather I realize, but this can be said: We are coming off the most beautiful summer I've ever seen in my life; luckily fall is not a tough sell in MN.

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