Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creating Loyal Customers with Social Media Marketing

Marketing a business can be more challenging than ever due to the wide array of ways to engage with your customers online. Today, search engines and YouTube have more to do with managing your organization’s reputation than traditional media. The way consumers learn about products has changed. They don’t just watch commercials. They explore, learn and redistribute information. Understanding how this phenomenon works can help you amplify your brand online and extend your reach in today’s video-fueled, instantly blogged, and hyper-networked world.

Cal McAllister and Brian Marr of Wexley School for Girls, a Seattle-based advertising agency, will take you through the basics of corporate blogging, social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn) and micro blogging tools (Twitter) through engaging case studies from the industry. McAllister and Marr will showcase how companies are using this medium successfully and share some common missteps many people make as they engage.

If you want to know where social media is headed and understand how to better prepare yourself or your business to get engaged, don’t miss out on this very informative evening.

Wednesday, August 19th at 7:00 pm

Richard Hugo House
1634 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

This is a free event but we will be taking contributions to help pay for the space.

Reserved spots are required sign up here

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