Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another reason to come out Thurs night

If you live in Seattle and know Capitol Hill you will either fondly remember or wonder why all the fuss over a block of Pine Street that used to house the ChaCha, Bimbo's Burritos, Man Ray, Lipstick Traces, Kincora's and a convenience store that always advertised cheap beer with bikini clad models. You know the block. It's kitty corner from Bluebottle. Well, now it is a parking lot.

This Thursday Vital 5 Productions is going back to a block that once upon a time defined Seattle. They are creating an outdoor gallery.

Below is from the offical release...

"It is our 2009 Arbitrary Art Grant for Art Dealing, and we invite you to strap on a painting, a photograph, some 2-D piece of art- around your neck like a big Flav necklace. Hell, put a price tag on it. And step on this white rope. With enough people, your bodies will become the walls, and for an hour, pedestrians can stroll into this temporary structure and view a selection of poorly curated work (one thing at a time, alright?) Artists- throw on your work. Friends- try and hawk your shy artist friends work. Dealers- extend your arms and hang a tryptich just to show the punks how it is done. Maybe you sell something, maybe not. But one person will walk with $500.00 cash, chosen randomly, in one small effort to recognize and appreciate the true nature of our arts culture. Plus, how cool would it be to make a gallery out of bodies? Come one, come all! The Arbitrary Art Grant in Art Dealing is a rain or shine event, open to all people, of all skill levels, and all that jazz...

When: Thursday, August 13th - 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
Where: 500 Block of East Pine Street- Parking lot
More info: www.vital5productions.com