Thursday, July 16, 2009

Support this etsy shop

Last night I met two very brave girls at our Grassroots Business Association meeting. They were there to promote their etsy shop. I thought they were very brave as they are both 12 year old and walked into a room of small business owners. I think I would have been daunted at that prospect when I was 12. Beyond admiring their courage I respect their desire to work on a cause dear to them. Tina Margoza and Meredith Blevins run an etsy shop that gives 50% of the profit to Susannah White's Three Feet of Sunshine guild.

A dear friend of theirs lost her sister Susannah over the summer. Susannah was diagnosed a couple weeks after birth with mucopolysacridosis (MPS 1) and lived to be nine.

This hat is in their shop now! Chicken not included!!

Support their shop at

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