Saturday, June 27, 2009

Wonder Thunder Interview

With our new site up and running I plan to continue to add artists work to our shop section. When I add work I thought we'd coordinate with an interview!

First up Wonder Thunder!

I guess Wonder Thunder and I are sort of in sync at the moment as the other day I was thinking of how I have gotten rid of the paper verse plastic option at the grocery store but I still end up using small plastic bags for my fruit and vegetables and I asked myself there must be someone making cute bags as an alternative. So I searched etsy and there was Wonder Thunder featuring their brand new fruit and veggie bags! Bonus they already were showing their other work with us so now I am sorted for the grocery store and so are our lucky customers!!

Set of 4, various sizes, $20.00, find them in the housewares section

How long has Wonder Thunder been in business?
Wonder Thunder has been in existence since March of 2008. We started out with just a scrap of fabric, a shabby screen, and a distant dream! We love this job and plan to outlast the apocalypse.

How does it work for you to collaborate together as a team?
It works pretty well we think! We both invent and reject ideas until we find mutual amusement in a particular notion. The drawing emerge from both of our pens and from Sasha's computer. Sasha does all the screen-printing and Meagan does the sewing. We both work on ironing, folding, tagging, and shipping when we have the time off from our day jobs. We take some breaks to drink coffee, weed our garden, and hassle our cat, Fatty. We get along and like each other and that makes things easy to accomplish!

Guys Tshirt, guys s - xl , $24.00, find them in the tees section

What are you excited about lately? (This doesn't have to relate to your artwork!)
We are excited about lots of things, mostly revolving around moving into our new house. We have a very nice little garden plot with tomatoes, cabbage, peppers, and lots of other various edible and non-edible plants. We are continuing to ferment pickles in our basement plus we've picked up a new culturing hobby, homemade kombucha. We also have a great new in house studio to work in. The space is sure to inspire lots of new Wonder Thunder ideas in the coming year.

Dish towel, $12.00, find it in the housewares section

What did you do last Saturday afternoon?
Let's see....last Saturday morning we ran errands in preparation for the San Francisco Renegade Handmade You can see us there the 18th and 19th of July! Later in the day we went to a friend's very cute backyard wedding. Meagan made the wedding dress for the bride, a big fluffy tutu embroidered with clouds! We had a great time seeing old friends and eating cake.

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