Monday, June 29, 2009

Partybots Interview

With our new site up and running I plan to continue to add artists work to our shop section. When I add work I thought we'd coordinate with an interview!

Here's Karl from Partybots - that's Karl himself in the photo below! A model, artist and business guru!

Partybots has the most lovely soft tshirts ever. Really! I see lots of tshirts here at Bluebottle and these have the feel of one you have had for years all soft and comfy but the big bonus it that it is not faded and holey like your old one! Oh and they have super cool drawing on them too!! Super bonus they are all organic!

Mens, s - xl, find them in the tees section

How long have you been creating your t-shirt line?

It started in 2003 while I was living in a tiny studio apartment in Los Angeles. Basically as a quasi joke – I wanted to find out how paypal worked plus I love starting new projects as long as they pertain to art. The two original designs were the Merkin & Partybots. Merkin was a joke from back home in Arizona – because
novelty pubic wigs are hilarious and should become more popular. Lost in an age of unquestionable fashion. The Partybots were drawn for my 21st birthday flier to prompt the crashing of a Chucky Cheese on a Wednesday night among friends. Some lady bought 6 shirts from me off the worst website I have ever created, then I used that money to re-invest in more artwork and shirts. Kept sinking all the profit back in until I bought my own printing press and eventually quit my 9-5 job to pre-sue my drawing tycoon dream.

How does the process work, drawing to finished t-shirt?

My process is strict discipline to draw every single day. Understanding the printing process and being so intimate with it has changed the way I draw my artwork out. In general all my drawings are done on white paper with black pens so I can scan them in at high resolution. From there I can color separate from the printing process. I generally have a pretty good idea of where I want color in my drawings and the specifics. My lines for color are much thicker and over extraverted to allow room for correct trapping. All my work is hand draw, then vectorize for digital and printing output.

Mens, s - xl, find them in the tees section

Why did you decide to go organic?

From the get go of bringing my production and printing in-house I wanted to maintain two objectives - A: to be as sustainable in my printing process as humanly possible – which carried over into every other aspect of my business

and B: To make my art prints as artistic as humanly possible while providing a quality product for folks to love and enjoy. Screen printing has a lot of chemicals involved, and I was not in to that concept. I wanted to produce a safe end product that is artistic and would sell. I do it for myself, to keep my carbon footprint as small as possible and for the end consumer who will enjoy my work of art.

What are you excited about in the near future for Party Bots?

In the near future I see a lot happening. Currently, we sell to over 50 locations in four different countries. I'm hoping to break in to the Japanese market and Asian market. I recently just went on a trip to set-up the building blocks to do so. Not only the growth of my business, but the art that will be released. Every batch of new artwork has been better and cleaner then before - and I have been more
proud of it. I'm looking forward to all the possibilities of art installation and addition art projects from doing this.

What are you excited about in life in general?

In general - Seeing life and interrupting it in to my drawings and art projects. Everyone sees the world so differently - it is nice to show how I see the world. I enjoy the concept of being able to draw for a living and do art projects, shows and installations.

What did you do last Saturday?

Last saturday I spent the day with my friend JC in Tokyo - had a business meeting that night. Ate a lot of amazing food, got to ride my bike around - and met some new amazing kids/friends in Shibuya after my meeting. Stayed out all night. Good times!

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