Thursday, April 9, 2009

So easy and makes you feel good

This is not so much related to art but it is something I do everyday now.

My mom forwarded a link to me where you click on a small icon on a charity site and each click on the site will contribute towards a mammogram for women in need.

The way this works is that the site has advertisers that essentially are paying per click. Each time I click I see advertisements. The advertisers pay funds toward the charity site which in turn pays to help supply mammograms. You can sign up for a daily email with a direct link to the site. It is super easy and takes me about 1 minute. The site hosts a number of charities: child health, animal resuce, mammogram assistance, literacy or saving the rainforest. You can pick one or all of them. I have picked the mammogram assistance as I have know so many women in my community that could have benefited from early detection.

Click and do something good today!

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