Sunday, April 12, 2009


With social networking booming I sometimes ask myself are postcards still worth doing?

I think the answer is yes for a few reasons:

I know how much I like getting a little piece of art in the mail. It seems more special than an email more personal. I'm more likely to check out the show or the artists web site.

Postcards are great for passing out - they are almost like a big business card. Postcards are particularly good if people decide to keep them long term as a little piece of artwork. I have always created postcards for Bluebottle and Matthew with just an image on the front and all the pertinent information about the event on the back. If someone can hang it up on the refrigerator as a small piece of art verse an advertisement for an event they are more likely to keep it and in that respect you stay in people's conciseness longer. I know I always tack up postcards of my favorite artists on our bulletin board.

You can use it as a coupon. I found this very valuable at the holidays. Maybe you will only have 25 - 30% of folks use the coupon but it definitely brings good vibes.

The one thing I do not think is effective with postcards are just putting them out at cafes or other galleries. I think they need to be directly mailed or personally given to people. There is more of a sense of attachment and therefore much more effective. Postcards are great if used strategically.

Looking for a good postcard company?
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Some recent postcards:

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