Saturday, February 7, 2009

Opportunity for curators!

Have you ever wanted to curate a show - bring together all the artists you love in one show? Here is a great oppportunity!

Twilight Collective is a great gallery/store in Pike Place Market + West Seattle very similar to Bluebottle. Below is the call....

We haven't done this in the past, but think it's time to invite those of you who feel so inclined to get more involved with Twilight. Twilight now has 135+ artists dabbling in all different kinds of media. This presents a problem for us when booking our featured artists because we can only show 12 per year. In 2009 we are hoping to spread the love by having shows that will invite several artists to showcase together under a common theme. We've got some ideas, but would like to hear first if any of you are interested in seeing YOUR idea come to fruition. Shows can include music, DJ and all other types of performance!

Contact Mary through:
Twilight Art Collective

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