Sunday, February 8, 2009

More new prints at Bluebottle

We have been moving towards more and more prints lately. Just seems that super affordable work seems to be our nitche so we are going with it. There are so many amazing silkscreeners out there that I am sure we will have no problem filling our walls!

Mike Klay of Powerslide Designs brought in about 8 new prints yesterday. All his pieces are only $40.00! Below are a few samples - I am going to work to get them online but that always seems to take me quite awhile!

Akitsu Shima - art print
(The Dragonfly Isles)
15"X24" 3-color screenprint
out of 100

alpine mountain railway co.
19"X25" 3-color screenprint
out of 100

Northwest Elk - art print
9.5"X25" 3-color screenprint

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