Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Seeking a buyer for Bluebottle!

We are excited to announce that after seven fantastic years we are looking for a buyer for Bluebottle!

We are looking to sell Bluebottle as we are expecting our first child and hope to start a new business venture!

Even in these tough economic times Bluebottle is a profitable business ready to be taken over by someone who is familiar with the Do - It - Yourself indie aesthetic and would like to continue supporting local handmade, independent artists, crafters and designers.

Bluebottle showcases over 100 different artists in the boutique section and features a rotating monthly exhibition in the designated gallery space.

We showcase all of our artists on a consignment basis which would allow the buyer great flexibility in showcasing work that appeals to you! Artists are paid on a monthly basis after sales occur. There are no upfront costs for stocking work that may be considered risky and if something is not selling you always have the option of returning it to the artist. Monthly overhead is very little as you are not investing in inventory which may or may not sell!

We would be offering the buyer Bluebottles reputation as a leader in the indie craft community, heavy foot traffic in the ever growing Capitol Hill community, a strong mailing list of over 1200 customers, a thriving face book, twitter and blog presence in addition to a web site and online shop. The shop would be fully stocked with consignment items and all the fixtures would be included. The buyer would be ready for business on day one!

Feel free to get in touch with questions. We are excited to find someone who is just the right match for Bluebottle!

We are happy to accomodate a payment plan


Ideally, we'd like to sell within the next few months but are flexible.

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