Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Busker and the Mini Machos! opens today

Works by Lisa Brawn

Runs: December 1 - 30, 2009

Pieces may be shipped early to arrive for the holidays

Lisa Brawn works with salvaged century-old rough Douglas Fir beams. The wood is interesting not only in its history, but also in that it is oddly shaped and ornery. It has holes, knots, gouges and protruding rusty nails and is unlike the traditional flawless and smooth woodcut material. She does not create prints with the wood but creates an original piece from the block itself.

To find suitably rustic and rugged subjects for this wood, Lisa references popular culture personas and archetypes.

At Bluebottle is showcasing two series:

Quien es mas macho? features touch guys from 1920's silent cowboys to current icons such as the Fonzarelli and Pacino.

BUSKER features conic musicians inspired by a performance in the DC metro by concert violinist Joshua Bell who played Bach on his Stradivarius for 45 minutes as over 1,000 people rushed by.

Check out the full show here

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