Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jen Corace

One of my favorite things about being the Bluebottle intern is finding what new things Andrea brought into the store during the week when I come in on Sundays. Recently it was three prints by Jen Corace.

Awkward in any Situation

These prints of Victorian & Edwardian era women are from Corace's "Clementine" show at Art Star this past spring. Stemming from costuming research, the details in each print are delicate and lovely. They were in the window that Sunday and I was immediately enamored. I wasn't the only one. Dozens of women stopped to take a second look at them.

Improper Escort

From Rhode Island, Corace's fine art is represented by Motel Gallery in Portland, Oregon, and she does illustration as well. Her website has great examples of her work, but the best part is the games section. Playing dress up and solitaire with her designs is a fun and whimsical addition to a professional site and really shows her playful personality. If you're going to play computer solitaire, why wouldn't you play with a cute deck of cards?

Too Soon

Prints are $125 each at Bluebottle and online at:
Awkward in any Situation print
Improper Escort print
Too Soon print

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Anonymous said...

I love Jen's work. I saw it this past year in Philly and was totally taken a back.