Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stitch And Swash

One of the recent success stories of a Seattle handmade designer getting major recognition has been Angie Bowlds of Stitch And Swash. Back in 2005, graphic designers Angie Bowlds and Nicole Sarsfield teamed up to create screen printed leather goods under the name The Crafty Devils. This partnership eventually lead to Bowlds starting Stitch And Swash.

A Stitch And Swash bag was bought at Velouria by a prop assistant for the movie Twilight, and it has been used as Bella's bag in both Twilight and New Moon. Bowld's story has been covered by the Seattle Weekly, NW Source, and been highlighted by

In a very smart move, the Stitch And Swash etsy store and website now only sell the aptly renamed "Bella Bag". The $175 bag comes with a 5 week wait at the moment. Other Stitch And Swash designs can still be found online at The Crafty Devils website and in stores around Seattle. Velouria carries Bowld's latest line of bags.

Here at Bluebottle we have the elusive Stitch and Swash folding wallets for sale, including one with the same peacock feather screen print as the Bella Bag. With clear plastic interior pockets and a velcro closure, they are perfect for carrying a few cards and a little bit of cash.

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