Friday, October 23, 2009

Plush You! Interview with cinnamonsugarhearts

Plush You! is up an running here is a participating artist!

What is your name and where are you located?
My name is Chellise (aka cinnamonsugarhearts), and I live in the wonderful city of Lakewood in Ohio- just outside of Cleveland and delightfully close to Lake Erie.

What are your favorite materials and why?
My fav materials are...well, honestly, whatever i can find in the remnant bin. I'm a sucker for a good deal, and i can never make up my mind when I'm standing in the middle of an aisle surrounded by bolts of fabric. in runner up positions though, I love working with fleece, felt, sequins, and quilting weight fabrics.

It began with Roy, cycloptic and delicious . He was baked from a magical gingerbread mix, and due to an icing miscalculation, only ended up with one eye. The baker felt bad for his misfortune and gave him a heart where the other eye should've gone. Ever since, he's been looking for love, and has a particular soft spot for ladies who bake. The patch, however, is just for flair. Ladies dig the patch.

To help him on his quest, he recreated that fated gingerbread mix, and assembled a love seeking legion. Some large, some small. Although, one went rogue (seen on the far right). Not much is known of his current whereabouts except that he left with bandeliers, a small mass of love seeking weapons, and a retro-fitted night vision eye.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a piece?
Hmm. it takes me longer than the average bear because each piece i make is hand sewn. most are based on patterns I've made, but I like to experiment with different fabrics and sizes. some pieces take on their own personality, and i get caught up in that sometimes. i also have a lil jellybean just learning to become mobile, so that pushes things back a bit, too :) as a rough estimate though, anywhere from less than a day to three days.

What are you excited about lately?
Getting my work out there! I'm a bit shy when it comes to things I make, so when I got selected for Plush You, I was super excitied. So excited that I may or may not have done the running man upon finding out. I will neither confirm, nor deny.
I'm working a few things for an Alice in Wonderland inspired show, and having a blast. I love the challenge of taking known characters, and trying to fuse it with my little plush family. The first one I finished a few weeks back was a septopi white rabbit. I think I may make another to keep for myself. It's hard to let things you make go sometimes. I'm also getting back into modelmaking & casting. I'd stopped while I was pregnant, but now I can't wait to try some things out!

Which super power would you prefer to have and why: the ability to fly or to be invisible?
In the movies, every time there's a character with the power to become invisible, something always goes wrong. So I choose flying! I'm a bit afraid of heights, but if I got to fly all the time, I'd get over it. And if possible, I'd love another set of arms & hands.

Some of these elusive creatures were born as septopi, seven tentacled and proud. Others were born as octopi, but had unfortunate accidents, thus marked with their own special band aids. Each one is an individual. Herman has just been pieced together by his master. Watch out if he loses his top, that brain of his may come a-tumbling out.

What's your dream project?
There are a whole gang of things I want to make for my daughter, like a huge plush dollhouse. I'd love to make superduper sized versions of some of my pieces and create whole plush worlds for them, like in an art installation, even if it just turns out to be in different rooms of my house. I'd also like to make greeting cards

What did you do last Saturday afternoon?
I made apple french toast & a retro-inspired plush oven! It's a pink & adorable. still trying to figure out where to put eyes on it though.

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