Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Plush You! Interview with Erin Ellis

Come check out the Plush You! show going on now!

Plush You! is an annual exhibit in that showcases plush creations from artists all over the globe - there are 5 venues throughout Seattle participating in this years event. We are excited to be one of those venues!!

So to get everyone familiar we are posting interviews and doing special giveaways with participating Bluebottle Plush You! artists.

What is your name and where are you located?
My name is Erin Ellis and I am living in the great Pine Tree State, better known as Maine.

"Hedgehog Chubbikin"
approximately 4 inches tall
cotton cloth, embroidery floss, faux fur, polyester fiberfill, dried grain

What are your favorite materials and why?
When I'm working on my Chubbikins, I like plain old cotton cloth because it's easy to work with. I like to get a bundle of fat quarters for a variety of colors and patterns. I also like to use pen and ink, watercolors, and copic markers. Copic markers are really the best that I have found - the colors are great and they blend easily.

How long does it usually take for you to complete a piece?
I usually work on a bunch at a time, but if I worked on one Chubbikin from start to finish it would probably take about two hours. Unless it's one of the more complicated ones (such as dragons or phoenixes). They take longer - especially since I tend to drag my feet a little...

"Mouse Chubbikin"
approximately 4 inches tall
cotton cloth, embroidery floss, polyester fiberfill, dried grain

What are you excited about lately?
I'm excited that it's starting to warm up and smell like Summer. I'm excited my Chubbikins are being sold in an actual store here in Maine (the Maine Crafts Association). I have a fairy tale sticker book coming out soon published by Dover Books. Also, I'm excited about seeing lots of movies this summer and getting a hair cut!

Which super power would you prefer to have and why: the ability to fly or to be invisible?
I would rather have the ability to fly. I hate driving, so being able to fly would make getting around so much easier!

What's your dream project?
I really want to make paper dolls - if I got to illustrate any subject I would be excited. But my dream paper doll project would have to involve movie monsters, Star Wars, or classic musicals.

What did you do last Saturday afternoon?
Last Saturday I went down to the SoWa Open Market in Boston with my best bud to see if we want to get a table there later in the summer. Then we went back to her house and watched the original Star Wars trilogy and ate chocolate pie. Seriously.

"Bunny Chubbikin"
approximately 4 inches tall
cotton cloth, embroidery floss, polyester fiberfill, dried grain



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