Thursday, September 17, 2009

Plush You! Interview with Alisa Ross

Plush You! is an annual exhibit in October that showcases plush creations from artists all over the globe - there are 5 venues throughout Seattle participating in this years event. We are excited to be one of those venues!!

So to get everyone familiar we are posting interviews and doing special giveaways with participating Bluebottle Plush You! artists.

What is your name?
Alisa Ross

What are your favorite materials and why?
I love any type of fleece, it's soft and very easy to work with and you can hide imperfections like a pro!

"deer in headlights", 10" x 14", fleece and wood

How long does it usually take for you to complete a piece?
My pieces vary greatly in size so it really depends...could be 1 day or 2 weeks

What are you excited about lately?
I am going to Hawaii tomorrow so I've been excited about that since March! Aloha!

Which super power would you prefer to have and why: the ability to fly or to be invisible?
Can I pick both? I guess flying because I'd get tired of people not being able to see me...I need too much attention!

"party star", 8" (without legs), fleece

What's your dream project?
Anything that could possibly be on Sesame Street. I have always wanted to work with puppets and I grew up on that show.I would love to have a little furry monster that I could call my own!

What did you do last Saturday afternoon?
Took my 2 boys to their first "They Might Be Giants" concert!

More info about the event on our: site

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