Saturday, September 12, 2009

Crafters & Artists Opportunties

Columbia City Gallery in Seattle is looking for artisians to showcase in their shop area. 50/50 consignment basis. This is a great gallery/shop in the histroic Columbia City neighborhood of Seattle. Matthew has been showcasing with them for about a year and they are very organized and promt payers. Always important - we know working on consignment can be tough but they are really great about tracking and keeping on top of things. It's a great way to get your work out into a marketplace where retailers are slowing down trying new wholesale purchases.

If interested send information about your work and prices, a website, or 3 or 4 jpgs and contact information to Cathy Fields and/ or Lisa Lamoreaux. - 206-772-0012 - 206-725-9192

I don't have a personal recopmmendation for this but I always like to support an idea of small affordable art!

Burien Arts produces a fundraising event each November where we ask 20 artists to each create 20 8" x 8" works of art that are sold for $40 each at a big, frenzy style event in downtown Burien. Burien Arts provides the 8" x 8" wood panels and splits the sales with the artists. To sign up contact Erin Williamson at 360-609-6864

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LethaColleen said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for posting the e-mail addresses for the contacts @ Columbia City Gallery! I saw their call to artists on Craigslist but couldn’t figure out what the correct e-mails could be --- the posting doesn’t list them ---I tried a couple of guesses and they kept bouncing back at me, I got a little discouraged but you saved me!