Friday, June 12, 2009

2 great shows open tonight

So this is a bit last minute - I am going to run out the door in a half hour and go check out two great shows in Belltown, Seattle. But even if you don't make it tonight you should check them out online or in person during the month.

Openings at both places are from 5 - 9 pm.

Roq La Rue presents:
Chris Crites: "About:Face"

Chris works on paper bags with acyclic paint and his work so so amazingly sharp. Most of his work focuses on old mug shots - in this way his portraits have of a really complelling history to them. You imagine the circumstances just before the arrest and how the person got there. I find it fascinating! We are lucky enough to own an original and it keeps me sort of satisfied when I go see his new shows. There is always a piece I want!


Now the other show I am going to is Fiber Artic at Schmancy - there are many lovely artists involved. It's group installation featuring 20 fiber artists pondering climate change and the way it's reshaping the Arctic landscape.
Got to be good right?

Schmancy Toys

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