Saturday, April 4, 2009

Looking for venues for your zines

I just got an email from Anteism offering an opportunity for artists to sell their zines or art books through Anteism's site. It is a tricky thing trying to find good venues for artist zines and art books so I thought I'd pass this offer along!

We have worked with Anteism showcasing prints from various different artists they have supported. They are good people and great at promoting so you can first trust them and second they should do a good job promting your zine or book!

Below is a bit from their site about them:
Anteism is an art portal to help showcase talented Canadian & International artists. Through books, shows, projects and limited edition art prints. Methods of showcasing artist’s and their work have been done in the past through art books such as See Spot Die, The Natural Low, The Feast & theMAKE. Partnered up with the books are group art shows such as the because, The Natural Low, The Feast & theMAKE. These books and shows have both been based on group contribution and collaboration from over 100 artists.

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