Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Bring It, Screen It Bazaar and is seeking craft artists

Seattle folks....

Bring It, Screen It/Bazaar is seeking craft artists to sell their wares!

The only cost is a table rental ($20 for half table/$40 for full table) and the vendors can keep what they make.

The Vera Project (Vera) non-profit, all-ages art and music venue located in the Seattle Center is hosting its annual Bring It, Screen It/Bazaar on December 6, 2008. Bring It, Screen It is a fundraising event Vera puts on every year where silk screen artists can submit a Vera Project logo, and community members can pick their favorites from the bunch to screen on whatever articles of clothing they bring (or buy at the event) for just $5! Along with the screening event will also be a Bazaar for craft artists to sell their wares. All proceeds go directly to Vera's silk screen program to ensure that it remains open, available, and low cost for the greater Seattle art community!

Vendors will rent tables spaces, and keep what they earn from their sales.

If you are interested in selling, please respond by filling out the following application:

Vendor Name:
Email: Phone#:
Addition contact info: Brief description of types of crafts for sale:
Please include or provide a link to current pictures of your work:

Application deadline is November 21st.

Contact: fundraising@theveraproject.org

For more information about the Vera Project please visit www.theveraproject.org

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