Thursday, October 23, 2008

Want a New Career? Buy an online pin company

This could be an amazing opportunity - I think the turning point for this company could be if someone was also willing to look into wholesaling pins to retail spots. I would have totally bought sets with maybe 4 - 6 different artists in a pack to sell at Bluebottle ! So cool bet you can get it at a bargain!

This is from Eduardo the owner of
It is possible that at some stage of your life, you've dreamt of starting your own business. I too had this strong desire to start one out and talked about it extensively with family, friends and colleagues, and decided that instead of just talking I'd give it a shot. I quit my advertising agency designer job, formed a partnership with a flash developer (Peter Locke) and started to design, build and fund a business dream. By the end of 2005 was born, and within hours of launching, we started to receive artist submissions and customer orders. Needless to say the creative community's support was overwhelming. Within 12 months, we managed to engage 900 artists, accumulate over 15,000 designs and together build 'THE' world's largest collection of button badges! However, our success became a challenge. The large number of artwork submissions and sales presented us with all sorts of technical, operational and usability challenges, and our service levels started to drop. We closed submissions, delayed deliveries, etc. and couldn't offer the high-quality service we strove for....

I have decided that instead of providing an average service, it is better to sell the business to some passionate lover, or if not close it all together. For those interested in checking out what's for sale, please visit the link below:

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Radio_Owl said...

Looks like these guys already got to it: ! Good luck to them.. hopefully they can keep it going with original stuff.. they don't seem to accept logos or slogans which they say are a "dime a dozen".. so could be interesting!