Sunday, September 7, 2008

Weekly Etsy Find - Kiddies

I know lots of bloggers do etsy finds. But it is so easy and there are so many things I think other people should see - mostly I tend to think that is so damn cute so I must share the cuteness with the world - or the 5 people that read this blog!

So I am kind of in baby mode as my sister and brother in law arrived last night from London and they brought their 6 months old baby boy. So here a few goodies that no one needs but they really should have for the kiddies.

So cute - possibly impractical but who cares...
Pretty Little on Etsy

This is one of those items that only looks cute on kids. Adults do not attempt.
December Maeve on Etsy

I think this is the most awesome pick. I hate seeing kids play with those plastic groceries item. here they get the works for a sandwich and chips. Kids LOVE putting this in the grocery cart and playing - I am so getting this some day.
Doodle Bug Finery on Etsy

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