Wednesday, August 27, 2008

CommonThreadz Shirts

CommonThreadz is an amazing concept! Folks buy tshirts and for every t-shirt you buy, they give an orphan or vulnerable child in the developing world a school uniform so they can go to, or stay in school, and the remaining funds go directly to the non-profit selected for the shirt’s design.

The shirts are also eco-friendly and obviously none of this would work if the tshirt designs weren't amazing! I think it is fantasic there are so many opportunities for artits to use their talents to help our world community and for those of us with little artistic talent can buy the shirts!!

Donating Artist for above tshirt is Jared Nickerson

This bit is from the site: "Chances are you did not know that in many developing countries not having a school uniform means that you can't go to school. Millions of orphans and vulnerable children have never set foot in school because they can’t afford the school uniforms or they will have the stigma of having AIDS if they don't have one. While other forms of charity can create dependency, the uniforms allow children to create their own strength.

Project: We are providing school uniforms to children in need in Africa and other developing nations through our network of charity partners. Each uniform costs $15 to $20 and is made by seamstresses in the countries we serve."

Common Threadz

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