Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A second post today because ..

I am doing a second post today because I am so excited to get started. Inevitably things in this blog will have a link to Bluebottle - my husbands artwork - because I am entrenched all work day with them. So here is one for the gallery.

I recently got a submission from Abby Glassenberg and I am delighted to say we are going to be showcasing her soft sculptures here.

Here is the bit from her etsy site:

All of my work is made in my home studio in Wellesley, Massachusetts. For the past year I have been making a series of bird soft sculptures including owls, wading birds, larks, chicks, canaries, penguins, swans and raptors. I like to incorporate vintage and unusual fabrics and found materials into my work.Over the past several years I have shown my work all over the country.

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Schmancy said...

Awesome! She is great!